In February TDC submitted an application (PA/TH/22/0132) for prior approval for the installation of a 119m long berth following the removal of the existing Berths 4 and 5 in the commercial port. This was reviewed by our affiliate group The Ramsgate Heritage & Design Forum (RHDF) in March. It responded to TDC as follows:

The Ramsgate Heritage & Design Forum objects to this development on the grounds that there is no economic or business justification for this very substantial use of public funds* into the perennially loss-making port operation. There is an unacceptable lack of transparency that cannot be excused by sheltering behind spurious claims of ‘commercial confidentiality’. The only beneficiary would be Bretts, a wholly private company yet again subsidised by public funds. 

* In excess of £1million

The Forum added its voice to the objections from some local councillors, RAG (Ramsgate Action Group) and RRA (Ramsgate Regeneration Alliance). Support for the development appears to be confined to a very small group of tight-lipped senior officers at TDC.

Richard Oades