Ramsgate Society Committee member, Sue Gyde, an all-year-round sea swimmer, wrote the flyer above which was designed by local resident Ruth Rollason. As Sue says “Raw sewage is disastrous for our beautiful heritage coastline and biosphere of plants and wildlife. It has been reducing the number of visitors coming to our Thanet Blue Flag beaches. Regular raw sewage overspilling into the seas around Thanet must have a knock-on effect on our local economy through its dependence on tourism.  In addition, it will slowly impact on our ability to preserve and care for our unique historical heritage here in Ramsgate.”

Southern Water is making positive changes and finally investing to improve the old wastewater infrastructures of Thanet but is it enough and how long is it going to take?

Sue, representing The Ramsgate Society, together with swimmers, residents and Kent County Councillor Karen Constantine will be visiting Weatherlees Hill Wastewater Treatment Works next week to see and hear about Southern Water’s actions to prevent further contamination of our sea.

We are also waiting for confirmation of a date and venue for a public meeting for Ramsgate residents with Southern Water. As soon as we have further details, we will let you know. Meanwhile please write to Craig Mackinlay outlining your concerns.