The Ramsgate Society Committee meets monthly at 6pm and usually on the first Thursday of the month at the Custom House. There are two posts for which we hope to recruit new members. For the role of Honorary Secretary there will be an induction period working alongside our current Secretary whereas the Green Agenda Lead is a new post.

As well as acting as Trustee of the Charity and member of the Executive Committee the

SECRETARY supports the Chair in managing the day to day business of the Society, makes all necessary returns required by the Charity Commission (with the exception of the annual accounts) and other bodies as requested; ensures the Society’s constitution is kept up to date in line with best practice; records the decisions of the Executive Committee and Annual General Meeting, ensuring nominations are properly sought and seconded for the appointment of Executive Committee Members; and seeks legal advice where there is a need to clarify the powers of the Executive Committee or Society.

THE EXECUTIVE LEAD ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE GREEN AGENDA will advise the Executive Committee on the ways in which it can raise awareness of climate change, sustainability and the green agenda and help to ensure that these considerations are integrated into the Society’s workplans. This is a new post and you would also take the lead in ensuring that all aspects of our work are aimed towards supporting and protecting the environment.

If you would be interested in becoming a Trustee of the Society and joining the Executive in one or other of these roles, please contact me.

Graham Woolnough